When choosing your dog food you will consider the ingredients, the ease of purchasing the food and maybe the ethics of the company you are buying from.

As a social enterprise, all of those factors are top priority for us too.

Our ingredients are all natural and sustainable, grown or raised in the UK and full of goodness.

Our online shop is easy to use, streamlined for quick across to checkout and has the added security of using PayPal for full traceability.

Our costs are low, we have no fancy packaging, TV advertising campaign or no retailer adding a bit for themselves – all of which are added to the price you pay.  At Bradshaw’s the price you pay is for the food plus a bag for the animal shelter / rescue centre of your choosing.  We don’t offer ‘free’ delivery – we show you the cost of the delivery from our 3rd party carrier.

Then we have the ethics of our company.  Many, if not most, of the dog food manufacturers and suppliers throughout the UK understand that they have corporate social responsibility, to give something back.  Many will give a proportion of the profits donating to worthy charities throughout the UK.  At Bradshaw’s we have streamlined our practices so much that we are able to give 100% of the profits to our supported charities. Yes 100%  We have no board of directors to please with yearly dividend cheques or no advertising schedule that increases year-on-year to cope with this growing market.

100% each time, to your charities.

So when you buy from Bradshaw’s, you are buying a product that not only is good for your dog, good for your pocket but also good for other dogs that haven’t been so lucky.

For every bag you feed, we donate to another in need.

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