Looking beyond the pedigree appearance is very hard when we are all shown the cute adverts showcasing beautiful French bulldogs or loveable Labradors but rescue is our favourite breed, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Adopting from a rescue centre you are giving a dog a new loving home, or in some cases its first time living indoors.
  • The puppy days are over. Some would argue that you need to have a dog from puppy age but having a more mature dog has plenty of benefits including knowledge of basic commands or housetrained but also the nipping stage is over. If you can go to a rescue centre you can get to meet your new companion – just be careful not to come home with a car full when you fall in love with them all.
  • The cost of a new pedigree puppy can run in to thousands depending on the breed. With the demand soaring during 2020 lockdown for puppies, so did puppy farms. Puppy farms are where dogs are bred continuously and the puppies sold after spending their first few weeks in cramped and unsanitary conditions. The females may be kept to continue the cycle and as such inbreeding will cause serious health conditions.  
  • It may not seem a lot, but the cost of ‘purchasing’ a rescue dog is a donation to helping others in need. It goes to housing, food and vet bills. Supporting a rescue centre may be a simple as a like or a share of a social media post – you never know who may see the post and it could change the future for a dog needing a new home.
  • The rewards are vast. From being introduced to them to when they jump up next to you on the sofa or walk by your side without an issue you will have a long road to travel together but the journey has so many rewards.
  • When people see the success of your family pet, it will encourage others to look at rescue dogs in a new light. Your story becomes a great example for others and could help so many.

Food bills are the second-highest bill for rescue centres (after vet bills), at Bradshaw’s every bag you feed, we donate another to a dog in need – you help to reduce the food bill a little each time you feed your dog at home.  

If you would like more information about we could help your dog rescue, email us at woof@bradshawsdogs.com


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