Hopefully after the year we’ve all had, we shall all be indulging in a few of our Christmas favourites. And even though my dogs shall be receiving a few special Christmas treats, it’s important to know what to keep them away from.


The key items are chocolate, dried fruit, onions / garlic, cooked bones, macadamia nuts and artificial sweeteners (Xylitol) but also look out if you get visitors too as they may not be aware and give in to puppy-dog eyes without realising the damage it can cause.


It must be very confusing for our dogs when we start changing the home, bringing in a tree and shiny items. Decorations and wrapping materials can look really interesting to a curious pooch so keep an eye on the tree, any decorations and presents. Also pay attention to an electrical cords, if you have a chewer you may need extra cable guards.

If you are adding table decorations that include holly, mistletoe or a poinsettia, you are best to keep them out of your pets reach if they tend to take a nibble at things when you are not looking as they contain nasty toxins.

Some of the potpourri sets can look a little tasty, so up on a high shelf for that one too!On a final note, watch out for any packaging that could cause issue – things like the little silica gel packets.

Christmas Dinner

Not to be left out, I shall plan a Christmas feast for my dogs – I’m thinking scrambled eggs for breakfast, a frozen turkey neck whilst we have our lunch and a handful of our Turkey, Sweet Potato and Cranberry for dinner.



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