If you are looking to change from your current brand to Bradshaw’s Natural Selection the best way to do this is over a couple of weeks; sudden changes to a diet can cause an upset tummy.

For the first few days introduce a small amount of your new food in addition to the current one in a separate bowl; this will allow them to sniff out if they like it first. Don’t be put off if they don’t eat it straight away. Some dogs don’t like change.

After about 3 or 4 days you can start to decrease the old food and increase the new, start by removing around one teaspoon of the old to replace with the new. It may not seem like a lot to start with but to a dog it is. Over the next week increase the amount of the new food as you start to reduce the old.

If the food type is similar you can mix the two but if you are replacing a wet dog food keep them separate as they are digested at different rates. If your dog stops eating their usual volume, decrease the new food and then gradual increase at a slower rate.

Hopefully by the end of two weeks your dog has accepted and enjoying Bradshaw’s Natural Selection and you can start to finish off gradually removing the old food altogether.

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