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So much more than dog foodThe history of our food

So much more than dog food

Happy and Healthy Dogs

When buying Bradshaw’s Natural Selection, you know you are giving your dog the very best. Our ingredients have all been expertly selected and none of our products contain artificial colours or preservatives.

Bradshaw’s Natural Selections provide your dog with a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in every meal.  Whether your dogs diet needs to be grain free or you want added Omega 3, we have many tasty selections for you to choose from.

As we are not a subscription service, you can buy as little or as often to suit your dogs needs, safe with the knowledge that our profits are being sent in the way of food to those that need it the most.

Our ingredients are listed on all of our packaging but more details about our products can be found in our shop online.

The Donald Bradshaw Story

From humble beginnings a brand was born

Wanting to provide the best home and diet for a family dog is second nature to us all but back when Donald Bradshaw created his first Natural Selection in the early twentieth century, it was not. 

As a butcher, Donald had access to many cuts of meat and found that along with his adored family dog Ezra, other dogs would visit at meal times when the scraps were being turned in to a hearty evening meal. Realising early on that not all dogs had the same good fortune as Ezra, and wanting to do all he could to help provide every dog that turned up at his shop door a meal, Donald looked at how he could provide more.

Turning his passion for helping others in to a new business, Bradshaw’s Natural Selection was formed and The Bradshaw’s Charity Programme began years later allowing customers the same pleasure in knowing that they were also helping those less fortunate whilst feeding there pet a healthy dinner.

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