Street Dog Mix (12kg)

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Street Dog Mix (12kg)

  • Formulated with all ages of dogs in mind
  • Contains vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Contains 36% Salmon



Formulated for all dogs, at all life stages, our Street Dog Mix contains 36% Salmon, a highly digestible protein source. With added vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy immune system plus Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids to help support healthy skin and coat. All of our ingredients are sourced from the UK. Naturally preserved using rosemary extract.

Donation amount: 5kg Value Working Dog

Three purchases equals a full bag donation. We may roll over donations until a full bag is reached.  All donations are honoured, should the charity you select not wish to receive a donation of food we will ask for you to select a different charity.  Donations are always made a food donations.


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